George Varvatsoulis

As an animal feed industry operating 24/7 we are seeking energy saving solutions with guaranteed results. Effective Development provided us with an industrial turn-key solution on LED lighting, helping us save energy and upgrade our facility’s lighting conditions. We anticipate additional upcoming energy efficiency projects.
Our main amphitheater was operating with the same lighting and control equipment for more than 30 years. Effective Development was chosen to renew the amphitheater’s lighting and upgrade the control equipment. Implementation was completed harmonically, while new technology equipment retained the aesthetics of the Foundation. A demanding and composite project was delivered on time with optimum results.

Vassilis Mastrokalos


Mission Statement

Effective Development is a team of highly skilled and visionary individuals heading Construction, Development, Engineering and Energy Efficiency, as a “one-stop-shop” provider of services and project management.

Our Company counts over 15 years of experience, guaranteeing results and top quality in every project it takes over.

We aim to deliver High Performance Projects to help Enterprises reduce Energy, Running Costs and Environmental Footprint in multiple resources such as electricity, gas, oil and water.

Encompassing major engineering expertise, we identify market needs and provide optimum, guaranteed solutions to our clients, while through constant technology investment we deliver products and services following high standards procedures and best practices implementation.

In Effective Development we think globally. Our activities and services exceed any border limits. We offer our customers added value, by covering the full range of services from building constructions and energy efficiency projects, to an effective consulting and thorough project management.

We incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovation so we can identify the most eligible and future–proof solutions per case. Our fundamental procedures guarantee high standards in our business activities by applying best practices in all our services.

Technology Investment

Throughout intense and specialized R&D, Effective Development decided to create DTWISE with the perspective to establish a leading company in technology and innovation, providing total data management solutions for Enterprises, Utilities, Liquid Fuel Distributors and Renewable Sources.