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With more than 350 electric vehicle models to debut by 2025 and an estimated 120 million EVs on road world-wide, the demand of EV charging stations is heavily increasing.

For the last consecutive years, Effective Development has managed to obtain a strategic position in the upcoming market demand of EV chargers.

Within these years, our company has established strong collaborations with key players of the energy market such as Utilities, energy giants promoting their chargers, as well as well-known Facility Management companies using or installing them.

Effective Development has also established solid collaborations with the most important brand distributors of the EV charger market.

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Having installed numerous high-quality charger types, Effective Development is the credible partner for both private or public sector projects. Through our specialized staff we offer end-to-end solution directly to CPO’s or utility companies, offering services such as project study, licensing, as well as charging equipment supply & installation, according to the highest standards