Transformation for a sustainable future

Modern cities are now transformed to a more sustainable, eco-friendly environment, becoming also more change-responsive and safer for their citizens.

By using digital, connected technology, Smart Cities are now able to tackle challenges such as rapid urbanization, pollution, and resource optimization. “Internet of Things” can transform any urban environment by monitoring several of its functions, such as transportation, energy, healthcare, street lighting, but also educational and cultural spaces and therefore improve everyday life.

Similarly, Smart Motorways are now able to facilitate traffic and increase dramatically both the flow and safety of vehicles while making significant reduction on operational costs.

In this era of smart techEffective Development

provides a complete consulting solution, where:

Citizens engage with smart city ecosystems in various ways by using smartphones, mobile devices and connected cars & homes.

Pairing devices and data, with city’s infrastructure & services can significantly reduce costs for all parties involved and improve sustainability.

Communities can enhance energy distribution, restructure trash collection, reduce traffic jam, improve pedestrian safety and upgrade many more functions through the use of IoT.

Effective Development

Utilizing the latest Smart City/Motorway technologies, is able to optimize infrastructure, mobility, public services, and utilities to benefit Cities and citizens alike.