Car Showroom

A well-known Car Dealership, located in the vicinity of Attiki Odos Interchange in Northern Athens, was looking for a solution in regards to its showroom lighting.

The existing lighting equipment was old and extensively used, consuming large amounts of electric energy and producing a considerable thermal load.

The fixtures were underperforming providing poor levels of luminosity & uniformity, while they were subjected to several maintenance issues (burned or damaged ballasts, cables etc).

The Car Dealership was looking for a premium quality lighting solution with maximum energy efficiency levels, avoiding however interventions in the existing infrastructure.

  • YEAR 2016
  • WE DID LED Lighting Retrofit
  • LOCATIONMaroussi, Athens 400 m² Showroom


< 11 months


> 11 years

LED product’s life expectancy

50MWh, exceeding 82%

Annual Lighting Energy savings


Expected savings

45 tons

Annual CO2 avoided footprint


The proposed Led Lighting solution achieved a higher than the expected outcome, resulting in more than 1.400 lux avg of luminosity within the showroom, along with an extreme reduction of electrical energy lighting consumption. Moreover, we succeeded in avoiding 15 Kw of thermal load, a factor that significantly contributed in HVAC savings.

The project implementation had the minimum interference with the showrooms’ operation and visitors’ daily traffic, offering an upgraded lighting environment and resulting in an effective branding empowerment.


  • Maintenance
  • Led lights
  • HVAC


Our engineers performed a thorough walk-thru audit, conducting numerous lighting measurements at multiple points within the showroom such as on cars, floor, lounge area etc. Following several lighting studies and further data analysis, we identified the optimum solution so as to retain and retrofit the existing luminaires.

We selected new high standard LED modules at 30W, which strictly respect showrooms’ lighting requirements, offering in parallel excellent CRI. The simulation results revealed advanced lighting levels suitable for such type of showrooms (1.250 lux avg).

By implementing these LED modules in the existing luminaires (Retrofit) we achieved a smart and quick installation. Our solution retained luminaires’ special rotation functionality. By removing the old and blurred glasses off the modules, we delivered the ultimate luminous flux and CRI.

Project Results