Data analytics platform installation in Logistics Warehouse

We proposed for installation the powerful Data Analytics Monitoring version of the cloud platform that we offer from our applications pallet for energy management. The warehouses reside at east Europe.

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A high night time energy use factor indicated that night perimeter lights have a big impact in overall energy use. Using our intervention calculation tools, a 120KWh Energy Savings per day revealed, when replacing existing luminaires with new high efficiency LED luminaires. Actual savings were measured at 130kwh/day. With the cost at 3.000€, a payback time of 15 months came out. The same action for Interior lights to be replaced with LED, resulted to savings of 350 kWh/day, a cost of 20.000€ and a payback time of 36 months.


Profiling analysis revealed a periodicity of high energy consumptions during afternoon hours. We performed rescheduling of the charging time of the forklifts after 23:00, when the tariff is lower cost. The savings related to this exceeded the 100€ in the first 4 months.


  • Skylights
  • Led lights
  • Auto controls