Energy Awareness Training

Effective Development performs Training Workshops towards various types of audiences that share different technical backgrounds. The main objective is to reveal deep knowledge and expert tips & advices which can be applied in every type of construction project. Based on a standard-procedure, these seminars are targeted towards end-user’/salespersons’/ account managers’ point of view and share all up-to-date industry trends.

The audience can benefit from the profound analysis of several projects and relevant case studies. Therefore, through Case Studies Analysis, Effective Development provides full investigation & analysis report on specific technical projects and examines all possible solutions. By explaining all applicable indications Effective Development suggests the most effective one. We identify common problems and solutions while we associate them to similar cases from different business sectors.

During our workshops, we also offer Best Practice Advices so as to increase technological & energy awareness of different groups such as Managing, Technical and Sales staff, etc. We improve patterns & behaviors that affect energy consumption and drive optimum operation. Following our continuous R&D, we provide the latest energy saving trends & information in order to improve the energy efficiency levels of your business.