Featured Energy Audits

Effective Development’s experienced engineers perform energy inspections of all types with the assistance of special instruments and focusing on the energy consumption by “mapping” each system using our M&V equipment and Platform which performs online processing over intelligent algorithms. Our engineers elaborate the optimal financial-technical study with hierarchy of all possible interventions for the clients.

Energy Development Department, with its extensive experience and expertise in energy auditing and interventions in the industrial and commercial fields, offers the most competitive service package for the evaluation procedure of actual energy consumption, their affecting factors and the necessary optimizing interventions that will lead to energy saving and cost reduction at production units.

Our company features two energy auditing packages:

  • Short energy audit and
  • Extensive energy audit

We carry out extensive energy audits using the necessary instruments for diagnosing problems in electromechanical equipment, energy flow measuring of all significant consumption systems, the basic electrical KPIs (active and reactive power, voltage, current, frequency) as well as voltage – current harmonics, the energy recovery potential at the production process stages, energy loss points identification in buildings’ shell and its electromechanical equipment and the factor analysis that affect energy consumption.

    After contacting our company’s Energy Development Department and setting the date and type of the energy audit, a team of engineers with the necessary equipment will arrive at your place. It is important that at least one of your buildings/industry’s technical directors is present during the process.

    The Short Energy Audit process includes:
    1. The definition of first priority direct efficient interventions for energy saving
    2. The delimitation of those interventions that meet all available subsidy οr funding criteria
    3. The delimitation of those interventions that should be fully documented in terms of a potential extensive energy auditing.
    The Extensive Energy Audit process includes:
    1. Energy consumption registration and its characteristics
    2. Most significant energy value and other factor registration
    3. Value processing
    4. Thermographic registration of the most notable energy loss points.
    5. Energy Saving Interventions definition according to the analysis.
    Upon completion of the Extensive Energy Audit, a clear outlook of the industry’s (or building) energy potential is formed, followed by a financial-technical study including the basic points:
    • Documentation for the proposed interventions (thermographies, charts, photos, etc).
    • Prioritization of the proposed interventions.
    • Cost-benefit analysis for the proposed interventions.
    • Return on Investment (ROI) calculations.
    • Scheduling of the interventions that will be implemented

    The necessity of sustainability estimation in C&I structures generally has led to the development of evaluation methods that are applicable in many countries worldwide. These methods offer rankings and certification for environmental impact of buildings.

    We provide green building consultant services as well as assessment and certification services for environmental impact and sustainability according to the British globally recognized BREEAM International certification method and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Certification method.