Large Scale Office Spaces

Vassilakis Group of Companies, a well-established enterprise with global presence, was looking for a turn-key, energy efficiency solution regarding LED lighting intervention at their Group Headquarters.

The facilities used to operate with old conventional lighting fixtures, consuming considerable amounts of electrical energy and, thus, producing an additional significant thermal load to the buildings’ air conditioning system. Furthermore, the fluorescent light tubes used in the indoor spaces of the building, revealed a working environment with high contrasts, intense glare and color altering conditions. At the same time, the CCTV system was underperforming due to the poor quality of outdoor lighting provided by the use of high pressure sodium lamps and old fashion fixtures with strong photometric limitations.

  • WE DID LED lighting turn-key refurbishment, including Measurement & Verification
  • LOCATIONViltanioti Str. Nea Kifissia, 18.000m2 Office spaces + 6.000m2 Outdoor spaces


< 11 months


> 12 years

LED product’s life expectancy

600MWh, exceeding 27% of the total consumption

Annual Lighting Energy savings

> 1.300.000 €

Expected savings

540 tons

Annual CO2 avoided footprint


The proposed turn-key solution resulted in more than 65% reduction of electrical energy consumption due to lighting, while luminosity and quality levels have been significantly improved at the whole extend of the facilities. DTWISE monitoring and data analytics platform served in parallel as a Measurement & Verification (M&V) paramount tool for the justification of the pre-evaluated energy savings of the proposed intervention.


  • Maintenance
  • Led lights
  • HVAC


Our engineers performed a thorough walk-thru audit, surveying the existing lighting equipment and measuring the luminosity levels at various spaces (offices, meeting rooms, receptions, lobby, restaurants, parking levels and open spaces, etc.). Moreover, the integration of DTWISE monitoring and data analytics platform revealed the accurate facilities’ energy profile through analyzing any fundamental electrical metric of this case.

Taking into account all the information processed, a value-for-money full-scale LED light intervention at the premises was proposed, based on a detailed lighting study in order to create a better working environment in total and achieve at the same time the maximum level of energy savings.

Project Results