Motorway Lighting

‘Nea Odos’, the company responsible of the operation and maintenance of Ritsona’s hub, was looking for energy efficiency services that will improve lighting conditions on the motorway as well as an energy monitoring solution that will offer a ‘bird’s-eye-view’ control of their grid.

Due to the existing infrastructure and old fixtures, the electrical metrics (voltage, current and power factor) revealed hub’s poor energy quality, performing uneven diffusion of light on the motorway lanes. Moreover, because of the extended attacks and repeated cable thefts, Ritsona’s Hub lighting was constantly underperforming.

  • WE DID Retrofit existing fixtures & provide a monitoring solution.
  • LOCATION71km of PATHE National Motorway to Lamia.


< 11 months


> 33 years

Modules Life Expectancy

95.000 kWh, exceeding 65%

Annual Energy savings

650.000 €

Expected savings

45 tons

Annual CO2 avoided footprint


The implementation of “LED Road Sense” application was selected to improve the operation & maintenance of the motorway, maximizing level of road safety. ‘‘Real Time Alerting’’ feature of DTWISE platform notifies the responsible facility management team of any potential damage of the grid or rising attempt of cable theft via SMS or E-mail, offering a ‘24/7’ monitoring of the hub’s infrastructure.

‘‘LED Road Sense’’ implementation helped “Nea Odos” to obtain a state-of-art road lighting network at Ritsona’s Hub and therefore improve road safety. Additionally, achieved to minimize dramatically operating & maintenance costs by managing to prevent the affected area from further cable thefts.


  • Maintenance
  • Led lights
  • Auto Control


A Lighting Study was carried out by Effective Energy ensuring that the result of our interventions will provide top quality lighting with optimized photometric results, clear and true color visibility for the Hub. Retrofitting the old SON-T lamps with latest technology GTSOL-5498 LED modules, proved to be the optimal solution that would offer maximum luminosity and uniformity on the motorway due to their embedded optic system. High levels of energy savings were also achieved due to their high energy efficacy.

Project Results