Renewable Energy Sources

From small roof-PV Systems to big Solar Parks and Aeolic Farms, our experience in detailed equipment analysis and installation, maximizes the energy production of the systems and reduces the payback time of your investments.

Our Renewable Energy Sources Department elaborates studies that implement the principles in the most economical way in our projects.

We equip, with the most modern systems from the USA and Europe, all ambitious projects, ranging from small house systems of solar roofs-terraces up to solar parks, systems that guarantee trouble-free operation throughout their lifetime. The sun and the wind are inexhaustible goods and energy footprint of those buildings that incorporate RES becomes significantly lower.

By applying our key-point concept in our constructions, we give the opportunity for a short payback of the investment costs, multiplying the profits and benefits to the operator/investor.

We study and install grid systems incorporating the most efficient and cutting edge global technology, ensuring guaranteed returns throughout the total duration of their use, maximizing the profit for the investor.

We study and construct energy-independent residences and buildings, highlighting energy saving into an achievable goal.