Sustainability & Enviroment

Our commitment to sustainability equals to support our customers in meeting international standards and financing requirements for sustainability and environment.Our sustainability department cares about integrating green and functional concepts into engineering and construction and addressing international standards for public consultation and disclosure.

Our team has developed and implemented sustainability strategies for large multinationals, improved the environmental performance of several hundred new and existing buildings of all types (many seeking LEED certification), and designed and implemented renewable energy technologies. We have also enhanced manufacturing process resource efficiencies, evaluated new technologies, and performed life cycle analyses to determine the environmental impacts and benefits of various products.

Our team of engineering consultants, architects and building science experts helps our clients reduce their energy costs by recommending and performing energy efficiency upgrades on their buildings and facilities or fully implement sustainable design principles by working the design team in the case of new construction or comprehensive renovation projects.

We help our clients to get benefit from any available incentive programs and consequently reduce the ROI of their upgrades. We secure with financial institutions low or even zero-interest financing for clients who may not have the upfront capital to complete these upgrades in such a way that their monthly energy savings exceed their loan payments.