Water Resources Management

Our sensitivity in the important ecological issue of water saving and the constantly rising cost for water consumption lead us implement innovative solutions that help our clients recycling the consumed water, reduce their “footprint” and save money.

Our company is showing particular sensitivity to water resources management wherever our projects are located. We always make sure that this sensitivity is expressed with various and innovative solutions in all cases.

Respecting the timeless high value of water, we always incorporate in our construction concepts sewage treatment plants of two or even three stages, ensuring significant savings in water consumption, by recycling water quantities for irrigation and for domestic and industrial use. We implement a holistic approach here as well, by constructing collection banks for rainwater through appropriate automated and “smart” systems. In many cases, and always according to the bioclimatic building design, we re-use some of these water quantities in passive cooling systems.

In the case of residential swimming pools, we care for the water disinfection with modern salt electrolysis systems and we implement ways to deliver that quantity for domestic use and other needs where is permissible.

We exploit natural resources wherever they occur and we implement new generation desalination systems, which are a challenge for us, aiming to ensure as great amounts of electrical power by R.E.S. as possible, using at the same time cutting edge automatic control systems to optimize this use energy.

By using cutting edge technology and innovative solutions, we offer to our clients the true green living they desire while at the same time they enjoy significant economic benefits not only in long term but, in many cases, directly by the hand over and operation of the project.